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You’re a forward-thinking individual or organization with high-level product development needs. You may have a fix or an idea in mind, but every solution faces the same barrier: between every idea drawn in black Sharpie on white paper and a fully-fledged prototype, lies the vast canyon of reality.

That’s where we come in.

As experts in product development, we examine, explore, and envision ingenious, inventive solutions that fuse unconventional thinking, disruptive tech, and human psychology.

We take your idea from a roughly-sketched concept and turn it into a fully-fleshed, robust product. Along the way, there’s careful planning, wireframes, feedback, exhaustive testing, and all the other high-level tech strategy stuff we love.

We’ve conceived, designed, and executed on ambitious challenges. Our beautifully-detailed maps not only elucidate the user’s proximity to public transportation, they help gain perspective and awareness in a globalized world. Our educational platforms are set to work in real time–allowing teachers to discover learning gaps and tailor their lessons accordingly.

However you may visualize your big idea, whatever field it may be in, we’re here to make it happen. In a nutshell, we bridge the canyon between the conception and actualization, the gap between the design lab and the real world.

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Explore your surroundings through innovative, never-before-seen technology.       HIAmaps Is a Social Mapping Application that provides users a more comprehensive and experiential understanding of the city. Not only are the maps customizable, you can easily share your location through an innovative patent-pending technology called H-Code.

The true virtue of HIAmaps is its advanced user interface. With such a wide reaching spectrum of influence, ranging from tourism to business, recreation to culinary, it provides real utility for anyone entering the city. It even serves as an advertising platform for brick and mortar businesses, if they wish to invest.



mocup2One of the major goals of the HIAkiosk is to streamline the New York City transportation experience.

Rather than use four different apps, you can fulfill multiple needs simultaneously right from the kiosk. Trying to decide if it would it be smarter to catch a ferry or the subway? The HIAkiosks have built-in GPS and can inform you of estimated arrival times, provide you a choice of routes, and inform you how long it will take to get to your destination. Or, if you want to hail a cab, you can do it from the built-in Curb application.

But that’s just scratching the surface. Interested in Chinatown? You can explore neighborhoods, right from the HIAkiosk. Learn about nearby culinary hot spots and attractions, and then determine a meeting point for you and your friends. You can send them an SMS, right from the kiosk, with directions right to the restaurant of your choice.

Business like WeWork are also implementing HIAkiosks to transform their lobbies into interactive help centers. These kiosks allow users to peruse their directory, discover additional locations, and learn more about the location as a whole.



Improving communication in education and engaging teachers, students and parents is the ultimate underlying principle of Prenditto.

This technology allows teachers to obtain real-time test information from their students while they are taking tests. Teachers can analyze the difficulties that a class is facing and devote more resources towards certain subject areas based on real-time results. Outcomes can be easily shared with parents to continue the education at home. Prenditto, combines mobile platforms with data and cloud storage to enhance learning experiences.

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Why HIAlabs

We empower customers.

There’s no other way to say it, really. From HIAmaps, a groundbreaking mapping technology that allows first responders and day trippers alike to find their way through a confusing urban landscape to upcoming, full-service kiosks for New York’s fledgling, intercity ferry service, our services boost our clients’ brands, performance, and, by extension, revenues.

Ultimately, our success boils down to this: we understand that, even in an increasingly digitized world, the human element is more important than ever. However quickly the world may advance, at its heart lies the interplay between human thinking and computer technology. Our job is to build up a seamless, effortless interface between the two.

With over 100 years of combined management and product development experience, our team of highly-seasoned designers, marketers, and product developers lives at the intersection of cutting-edge technology, human-centered design, and responsible development. We harness our passion for all things digital to bring our clients transformative, dynamic solutions.

Towards that end, our team emphasizes a deep, honest, and open relationship with our customers. In order to imagine a future that does not yet exist, we work closely with clients to understand their specifications, the profiles and habits of end users, and how we can merge the two into an innovative new program or product.

We measure success by how well our users find utility in the solutions and products we build. To us, there is nothing more satisfying than watching our customers and products succeed.

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Who are we

HIAlabs (Syllabus Software) is dedicated to product development through innovative technology and design.

To date, Syllabus Software has created and developed an array of products in consumer technology, education, web services, and app designs. HIAmaps, the latest innovation from HIAlabs, is a cutting-edge mapping tool that integrates social media, geographical mapping, and advertising.

But what makes us stand out? – We are very personal with our clients; we treat their business like our own, and give them a high level of attention and dedication. We achieve this through a strong commitment to building long-term trusting relationships. We take an honest, personal approach to each relationship and leverage the fact that we are lean to make communication personal.

We love our job. We are passionate about technology, design, and strategy, but most importantly, we get enormous satisfaction from seeing our clients succeed. We care deeply about giving them the tools to take full advantage of technology, and get measurable, significant benefits from our efforts.


Michael Nguyen

The creative powerhouse behind HIALabs, Mike often kicks off solutions and products by asking, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had something like this?” more

Allan Lee

A 25-year veteran engineer and programmer with a technological solution for any problem or vision.


Selim Day
Legal Counsel

Our legal expert and a leading attorney in tech law.

Design and Creative Partner

Our creative and design partner.


Our clients

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From ferry operators to rising stars on the tech scene, our clients are diverse, independently-minded groups who constantly seek to push the envelope. Take a look at how we’ve partnered with them to transform their operations and seek greater success.

Tasked with the ambitious rollout of an intra-city ferry line that promised to bring sustainable, convenient transportation to New York City’s waterfront neighborhoods, Hornblower turned to us.

Excited by the opportunity, we designed, tested, and built an expansive network of intuitive, easy-to-use kiosks that sell e-tickets, displayed arrival/departure times, and even tracked individual ferries in real time. Kiosks will be installed at each dock and on every boat, and we eagerly await the 2017 launch of the NYC Ferry, a dynamic transit and sightseeing addition to one of the world’s truly great cities.

HIAlabs is proud to partner with talented design agency LUSHMedia to bring adaptive digital kiosks to the many locations of coworking empire WeWork. With these one-stop kiosks, users can book spaces, tables, and rooms, order food and drink, and even renew memberships. Other features will include viewing WeWork locations worldwide, RVSPing for events, consulting directories, and checking in guests.

It is our pleasure to work with WeWork, a digital pioneer and a vital player on the front lines of the continuing tech revolution that promises to propel our world into the future.

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